Why Use HelloBar Vs. Using Your Email Provider or Other Pop-Up Software For Your Website?

Each of our site assets are designed by marketers, for marketers

Where HelloBar really shines is that (given Neil and our team’s intensive marketing backgrounds) each of our site assets are designed by marketers, for marketers. We test each product on our own site and on Neil’s site before making it available to our users – we wouldn’t put something out there unless it really worked.

One of the big differences is that your email provider specializes in emails, we specialize in pop-ups. Doing what we do best allows us to create a software that is designed to get your specific results. 

In terms of features, there’s certainly quite a lot that Website Providers & Hello Bar have in common. I am happy to share a few of the differences:

A/B testing:

  • Most website and email platforms don’t allow you the ability to A/B test. This is definitely a feature that helps us to consistently increase conversions.


  • Hello Bar does have an additional range of targeting features, though, which allows you to target based on date, location, ad campaigns, and over 200 different combinations of targeting rules. This means you can get really customized with your pop-ups, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Dedicated Marketing Specialist:

  • We have an in-app dedicated marketing specialist for all of our paid users. This will be a live person and they will be available to re-write headlines, suggest lead magnet ideas & support in adjusting Hello Bar tests for our community. Our Agency Plan allows you have this as an unlimited feature. 

Unlimited Views:

  • Most of our plans and competitors cap the amount of views. If your traffic grows, we grow with you! 


We currently have pre-made templates based on which pop-up or bar you select. Our templates are pre-designed so our users don't have to even think about what will convert.

Not currently using HelloBar? Reach out to your dedicated Account Manager by phone or email, or simply email or chat with our team here for a HelloBar walkthrough and see how you can grow your business with this feature!