How do I navigate the Local Listings page of the client dashboard?

Navigating Local Listings

The Local Listings page is only available for clients who are optimizing their local profile for local search results. The data on this page will provide deep insights into your visibility at the local level.

To access the Local Listings page:

This page can be accessed by clicking the Local Listings tab in the dark grey navigation bar on the left of the page (Image 1, A).

What does my Local Listings page show me?

Map: This is a snapshot of your online map data. If consumers map your business, this is what they’ll find. You can also see how your business name and contact information appear online in the top-left corner (Image 1, B).

Listings (icons): These icons represent all the online business listings where your company is published. Many of these icons are clickable and will take you to either the live listing or a screenshot of the listing (Image 1, C).

Device usage: We can now show you which devices searchers are viewing your listings from. We can also tell you on which days people are viewing your listings, by the device. Knowing how device usage skews for your target audience is invaluable information if you plan on doing any digital marketing (Image 2, A).

Google profile views: If your Google Profile is synced, we can show you how many people viewed your Profile on search and maps (Image 2, B).

Google customer actions: You can see how many searchers got directions to your business, clicked to make a phone call or clicked into your site from your Google Profile page (Image 2, C).

Google Phone calls by the hour: We can show you the times of day that searchers clicked to call your business from your Google Profile page.

Image 1:

Local Listings

Image 2:

Local Listings 2