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How Do PPC & CRO Work Together?

Pay-per-click advertising and conversion rate optimization go hand-in-hand

Think of it this way: SEO is what makes your website attractive and interesting to Google and other search engines. Good SEO is better for visitors and it absolutely helps drive your website up in the search engine results page -- but it is still designed to impress algorithms and bots, not humans. Conversion rate optimization is the process of captivating the attention of the people who see your site. In short, SEO gets people to your site; CRO turns them into customers.


Good PPC ads attract the attention of people who are already ready to buy what you have to offer. Good CRO successfully provides an experience that will turn those visitors into customers. In 2018, consumers who click on a paid search ad before visiting a site were 27% more likely to convert -- and apt to spend 10% more than other visitors.