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How do SEO & PPC Work Together?

Pay-per-click advertising can help drive immediate traffic to your site while search engine optimization gains traction over time.

When you tie SEO and PPC together, it works like this: Your PPC advertising increases your brand’s visibility. Plus, PPC gives you a chance to test various keywords and see what attracts the most people who convert. The knowledge you gain from testing and tweaking the keywords used in your PPC ads can help you refine your SEO efforts -- which will ultimately drive you higher in organic search results. 

The ultimate goal for SEO and PPC is the same: Attract more visitors to your website.

Keep this in mind: Google Ads receive 65% of the clicks that start with “buying keywords” and organic search results receive 35% of those clicks. Leveraging PPC can often help you test the keywords you’re using to drive the organic results your getting from SEO, enhance your website’s visibility, and encourage visitors who were on the fence to come back and convert.