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How do you determine what focus-pages will be a part of my keyword strategy?

Page(s) to target in your keyword strategy

There are many different ways to determine the best possible target URL for an SEO campaign.  Prior to digging deep into what keywords we will use for your business,  we will get to know more about your business during your onboarding process.  The information we are able to gather in the beginning helps us to easily determine what web pages we should focus on that will work within your overall marketing budget.  The higher your budget, the more focus pages and keyword clusters we can focus on at one time.

These are a few of the scenarios that we choose from when going through this process with a client:

Scenario A

The client has come to us with a specific product or service in mind.  Likewise, that product or serve has its own focus page.  From here, we review content for necessary onsite content changes and determine a link-building process.  Some clients may opt to work with our conversation rate optimization team to help determine any design elements that would increase sales.

In this scenario, the client already knows what areas of their website need the most assistance and attention, so we tailor our strategies to focus on the given pages that best target that specific product or service.

Scenario B

The client comes to us and has no specific idea of what they want to target or focus on.  However, the client has done a lot of work in the past and has already started ranking on pages 2-5 on Google.

In this scenario, we are taking advantage of keywords and target pages that Google has already seen as relevant, but not necessarily authoritative, for a given website. These situations require fewer SEO efforts and results are gained in a much shorter time frame when compared to other SEO strategies.

Scenario C

The client comes to us wanting to rank for something for which we see no page on the site that best speaks to that specific product or service.

In this scenario, we work with the client to get content built and then we figure out the best way to build a detailed page to be the foundation of the SEO campaign.