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How do you determine what keywords to use for the budget I have?

The factors that help us choose which keywords to use

There are many different ways to determine the best possible target keywords for an SEO campaign. Here are a few scenarios we choose from when going through this process with a client:

Scenario A

The client has come to us with a specific product or service in mind.

In this scenario, the client already knows what areas of their website need the most assistance and attention, so we tailor our strategies to focus on the given keywords that best target that specific product or service.

Scenario B

The client comes to us and has no specific idea of what they want to target or focus on.

We take a look at all the current rankings for a website and focus specifically on keywords you have that are already ranking between page 2-5 of Google. With higher ranking keywords, Google already sees your content as relevant.  From here, you pass the baton to us and we finish the race on your behalf - expanding on keywords you're already ranking for.

In this scenario, we are taking advantage of keywords that Google has already seen as relevant, but not necessarily authoritative, for a given website. These situations require less SEO efforts and results are gained in a much shorter time frame when compared to other SEO strategies.

Scenario C

The client comes to us wanting to rank for something that has no page on the site that best speaks to that specific product or service.

In this scenario, we start doing keyword research based off of topics and specific categories. This is a much tougher way of doing keyword research because we are choosing terms that the client does not currently rank for and it will take a lot of effort to get to the first page of Google.

Scenario D

Competitors are ranking for specific products or services.

In this scenario, we start off by taking a look at competitors that the client has provided us with. We scan their entire keyword ranking profile and pluck out keywords that are relevant to our client and within the difficulty scope of our campaign.