Noindex follow page

No Index Follow Page Description & How to Fix

Issue details

Pages that have a "noindex" but don't have a "nofollow" tag in the HTML code or in the HTTP response header.

These pages will not be shown in search engines' results. But since they don't have a "nofollow" tag, all links on them are supposed be followed by search engine bots and pass "link juice".

However, in one of the recent Google Webmasters videos, Google’s John Mueller explained that Google will understand a long-term "noindex" (without a "nofollow") the same as a "noindex, nofollow".

How to fix

Check this report for the "noindex" pages you expect to pass link value to the other pages on your website.

And if you want to make sure search engine bots won't follow the links on a "noindex" page, add a "nofollow" as a meta tag or as an HTTP response header.