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What does Google look for on my website?

This is a summary of what we look for during our audit process

Your website may appear fine to you, but do you know what Google thinks? Top search engines like Google and Bing see websites quite differently than potential customers do. And if these search engines don’t like what they see, they will keep you off the front page so that buyers may never even find you.

So What Does Google Look For?

Search engines don’t care about the colors on your website, or how good the images are, or how professional your new business logo is. They are looking at a host of behind-the-scenes factors that they use to evaluate your site and decide where to rank you.  Does your site load fast enough? Is it mobile-friendly? Do you have Google Analytics installed? Are there broken links on your site?

Our SEO Audit Process

Our proven SEO process always starts with a complete audit of your site. We have teams of SEO experts who can quickly identify any major or minor issues on your website that may be invisible to visitors but could be keeping you off the first page of Google.

Site Speed

As internet users, we all get frustrated when a website loads slower than we would like. Google tracks this, but they don’t tell you when you’re too slow, they just move you down in the search rankings.


Searches from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets have taken over. If your website doesn’t display correctly on smaller screens, Google will penalize you.

Domain Age and Expiration

A visitor to your site will have no idea how long you’ve owned the web address or when it’s due to expire, but Google knows. It prefers sites with a long history and definitely keeps expired domains off the 1st page of results.

Broken Links

Have you ever clicked on a website link that goes to a blank page or gives you an error? That’s a broken link and Google is very good at finding them and penalizing you for them.

Google Analytics

This is Google’s own tool for tracking a host of statistics on your website. It may sound biased, but Google favors sites that have this feature installed correctly.

We understand the needs of small business owners and we know how to make SEO work for you!
Our thorough site audit process is designed to get your site moving up in search rankings.