What’s the difference between HelloBar and OptinMonster?

We offer a free plan

OptinMonster is definitely one of the great alternatives to HelloBar out there. In terms of features, there’s certainly quite a bit of back and forth between HelloBar and OptinMonster. What really sets HelloBar apart is our free plan! Our free plan makes HelloBar super accessible for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, whereas OptinMonster is more limited.

Here’s some differences between our free plans:

  • We allow users to create 10 campaigns, while OptinMonster limits to 3
  • We allow users to generate unlimited leads, while OptinMonster limits lead collection to 100
  • Our free plan allows for A/B testing, but OptinMonster’s does not
  • Our reporting and analytics are the same for free users as for upgraded accounts, while OptinMonster limits reporting and analytics for free users
  • There is no limit to our integrations, while OptinMonster limits integrations to just 1
  • We allow yes/no popup templates on our free plan
  • We allow exit intents on our free plan, while OptinMonster does not (we've found these to be one of our most successful site features)

This is a pretty quick summary and there’s a few other differences, but you can see that there are some important features that low-budget companies might miss out on using OptinMonster. We’re very centered on education over here at Hello Bar, so it’s important to us that we make these features available to all users regardless of payment plan to build good marketing practices.